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Could Just 5 Little-Known Ingredients Help Calm An Unhealthy Blood Pressure Number?

If you or someone you know suffers from high blood pressure, then this might be the most important piece of information you read today…

At Golden After 50, we pride ourselves on helping men and women overcome everyday ailments and symptoms of getting older. And high blood pressure is just one of them.

Known as the silent killer, hypertension is different because you can’t feel the pressure rising in your body and it’s responsible for so many heart attacks, strokes and death.

Here’s a few stats taken from the CDC:

  • Hypertension puts you at risk for heart disease and stroke, which are leading causes of death in the United States…(1)
  • About 75 million American adults, which is about one third—have been diagnosed with high blood pressure…(3)
  • About 1 in 3 Americans are on the cusp of being diagnosed with high blood pressure. Meaning they’re pre-hypertensive, which still isn’t good…(3)
  • Only 54% of Americans have their high blood pressure under control. Essentially, they’re walking around with a ticking time bomb in their chest…(2)
  • High blood pressure was found to be a leading cause of death for more than 410,000 Americans in 2014—that’s more than 1,100 deaths each day…(1)
  • High blood pressure costs us the taxpayer, $48.6 billion each year in medical visits, missed days of work, medical expenses and more…(1)

High Blood Pressure Is An Epidemic Of Biblical Proportions…

That’s why this information is so important.

With so many family members and friends suffering from hypertension and taking prescription drugs, we felt a strong need to do something about this.

Even if you’re on medication to treat hypertension, there’s still more you can do…

That’s why in the last few years, we’ve been able to identify at least 5 individual compounds shown to help calm high blood pressure safely and naturally.

Here they are below…

Hypertension Healer #1: Magnesium

Magnesium plays a pivotal role in over 300 bio-chemical reactions in your body and can also help you sleep like a baby at night. Unfortunately, over 80% of the population is deficient in magnesium. Which could explain numerous health issues and a reason why so many suffer from high blood pressure.

According to Harvard Health, magnesium can help blood vessels relax, which naturally helps your blood pressure normalize.(4)

While in another study, researchers concluded that taking 300 mg of magnesium supplements daily for one month, could result in lower blood pressure and higher levels of magnesium in the blood.(5)

Hypertension Healer #2: Hawthorn Berry

As far back as the first century, Hawthorn Berry, has been used to treat conditions of the heart and the circulatory system.

According to early research, this natural compound has the ability to help your heart pump more blood while opening blood vessel walls. Especially the blood vessels further away from your heart.(6)

While according to Penn State Medical Center, “hawthorn extract was found to be effective for hypertension in people with type 2 diabetes who were also taking prescribed medicine.”(7)

Not surprisingly, it’s also been found to help lessen the severity of symptoms caused from heart failure. After one large study, participants who were given Hawthorn Berry, noticed less issues like trouble breathing, fatigue, and palpitations.(8)

Hypertension Healer #3: Nattokinasse

Born in Japan, Nattokinase is an enzyme that is extracted from a popular Japanese food called natto. And according to numerous doctors and research, can indirectly help lower high blood pressure.(9)

It seems Nattokinase does this by making your blood less “sticky.” Imagine maple syrup running through your veins. Now imagine something as clear and free-flowing as water.

That’s what Nattokinase can do for your overall circulation.

You see, as we age, levels of plasmin, which is the enzyme that breaks down your blood clotting agent fibrin, begins to decline. So with each passing birthday, you have thicker blood. Resulting in higher than normal blood pressure and the possibility of stroke.

But with nattokinase in your corner, your circulation now has the chance to move freely.(10)

One study found nattokinase could help lower your systolic number by up to 10 points and diastolic number by up to 5.5 points.(11)

Hypertension Healer #4: GABA

Known as Gamma-Aminobutyric acid, this potent neurotransmitter is produced in the brain and is used to help calm down activity in your central nervous system.

Because of this systemic effect, supplementing with GABA can have a wide-ranging effect on your body. One of them being your high blood pressure.(12)

One study found over 12 weeks, subjects with above average blood pressure, were given GABA-rich chlorella versus the placebo. After 12 weeks, researchers discovered that those who received the GABA-rich chlorella, had a significant drop in both their systolic and diastolic numbers.(13)

This suggests GABA has sort of a “relaxation” effect on the body. Allowing for high blood pressure to tumble back down to Earth.

Hypertension Healer #5: Grape Seed Extract

And last but not least, our favorite ingredient out of the 5 is Grape Seed Extract.

In one landmark study from the University of California at Davis on Grape Seed Extract, scientists discovered this simple ingredient was able to drop subject’s systolic numbers by at least 12 points.(13)

That’s huge and a big reason we included Grape Seed Extract into this formula because without it, we wouldn’t be doing you justice.

With that being said…

Let Us Introduce To You:


BPS-5 is our unique, proprietary formula containing 5 exotic ingredients each shown to help support a healthy blood pressure number.

This simple, yet revolutionary formula can really help you.

Whether it’s by increasing your circulation, or dilating blood vessel walls, the ingredients inside BPS-5 go to work helping to normalize hypertension from all angles.

These Active Compounds Could Help Corral High Blood Pressure And Reign It In…

You see, many people would agree that high blood pressure isn’t so much a disease, but more so a symptom of something else going on inside the body.

It’s your body’s way of screaming out in pain. Telling you something is wrong. Like a newborn screaming for it’s mom whether it’s hungry, cold, or tired.

High blood pressure is a perfect example of this.

However, when you give your body what it needs, like these 5 blood-pressure calming ingredients, you’ll feel great.

And it’s so easy to start enjoying these benefits. Just take 2 capsules, 1-2x per day and you’re all set. You don’t have to come off your high blood pressure meds and can use BPS-5 along with your daily regimen.

Here’s What Some Others Have To Say About Using BPS-5…

Smile And Feel Better With BPS-5 Today…

Now, one bottle of BPS-5 will put you on the path to a healthier blood pressure number.

While 3 bottles is when you really begin to see the change in your daily readings that stick with you all day and night…

And 6 bottles guarantees you’ll feel good without interruption as you enjoy a pristine reading day after day. While also saving additional money on top of everything else.

Just imagine finally breaking free from a life filled with hypertension. A life free from potential medication, extra doctor visits, cardiologist appointments, and all those prescription costs…

A life free of side effects like extreme fatigue, dizziness, and E.D…

You Have The Ability To Take Back Control Over Your Health And Your Future When You Say Yes To BPS-5 Today…

So just click or tap on your favorite money-saving package below and enjoy BPS-5 just a few days from now.

Remember, based on all the real-world success, the 90-180 day bundles are the best options below and come with the greatest savings and results.

Already thousands from all walks of life and all ages can feel good with BPS-5. Now it’s your turn. So please make your choice below risk free for the next 90 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend the 6-bottle option based on customer feedback, results, the research surrounding the ingredients inside each bottle of BPS-5 and because of soaring popularity. You see, these ingredients take awhile to formulate. And BPS-5 has recently taken off in popularity. Because of this combination, we’ve run out of stock multiple times in just the last month. That’s why we’ve opened the door for you to purchase up to 6 bottles at once so you’ll always have this formula in your corner while saving money on top of everything else.

Yes. When you purchase BPS-5 today, your order comes with an unconditional 90-day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your results, even if your blood pressure has lowered with BPS-5, feel free to email or call into our customer support center located here in the U.S. and we’ll be happy to grant you a full refund. Minus the cost of shipping the bottles back and even if they’re completely empty.

BPS-5 is made with natural ingredients. However, we first ask before consuming BPS-5 to speak with your doctor first. Everyone responds differently to natural ingredients and medication. With that being said, here are the ingredients below and the potential for medication reactions when consuming BPS-5. The list below may or may not provide any and all medication reactions. Please speak with your physician first. This is not medical advice.
Click here for more information

Yes, everything inside is 100% natural, gluten and GMO-free.

You can take it anytime with food and 8oz of water. Most customers just take BPS-5 in the morning 20-30 minutes before breakfast. If you’re not a breakfast person, you can still take BPS-5 right before lunch or whenever you eat your first meal of the day.

Yes – every batch of BPS-5 is tested for purity, potency and safety before being released.

Depending where you are located, shipping times can vary a bit. Once you place your order, our warehouse team will begin fulfilling your package within 24 hours. Usually everything arrives at your doorstep between 1-10 business days.

Of course! Our toll-free customer support number is located at the top of this page. You can call in and a friendly representative from the U.S. will speak with you and guide you along to place an order.

You’ll notice a charge from Golden After 50.com and not BPS-5.

Customer reviews

Keith W - August 19, 2021

God Bless BPS-5

Ya’ll are our heroes! My wife and I take this before our morning walks around the town. Then come back and always, our blood pressure is better than without it. God Bless ya’ll for making this. I’m sure others can benefit as well. Be sure to share this with others.

Larry G - August 19, 2021

Don’t Feel Much

I feel like I got the sugar pill version. I’ve been taking this for 2 weeks and haven’t noticed much. 2 stars only because I want to give it more time.

Athena L - August 15, 2021

My BP Is Normal Now

This got me blood pressure down and spot on. 120/80 like clockwork!

Joann P - August 14, 2021

Thank You So Much!

This is better than the medication without the side effects. Thank you guys. And your customer service is so wonderful and helpful. God Bless You.

Matthew M - August 10, 2021

My Blood Pressure Is Way Down!

Fortunate to have purchased the 6-bottle option. Day 3 and my blood pressure is down. Glad I got the 6 bottles for the extra savings.

Steve P - July 27, 2021

Great Product and Price

Both the company and product are great. The people I’ve talked to were helpful, the product is helpful and I’m looking to order more.

James O - July 27, 2021

I Love The Quality Of Ingredients

My high blood pressure has been a problem for most of my adult life. I’ve lost weight. Cut out the sodium. I exercise regularly with my husband who is an avid gym person. But still nothing worked. I did mediation, yoga, even this weird juice cleanse and yea my blood pressure seemed to come down but not much. Then my doctor warned me. He warned me that he was going to put me on an ace-inhibitor and diuretic. I didn’t believe him. But at my last check up, the only problem was my high blood pressure again. I felt so defeated. Like a losing battle. So he put me on medication and yea, my hypertension came down but in it’s place were the side effects. I hated them! It can’t be good. So I searched high and low for other natural ways to lower everything and came across a number of products. But decided to use BPS-5 out of all of them for the ingredients and purity. I’m happy to say, my blood pressure is down over 17 points with this natural product. And there’s no side effects I’m noticing. Plus my circulation is better. I can feel the warmth of blood flow in my usually cold fingertips and toes. I can’t wait for my next physical. I might speed it up a bit bc I want OFF these meds RIGHT AWAY! My doctor is gonna be shocked!

Wilbert S - July 25, 2021

BPS-5 Works

It works. I’m happy. My doc is happy.

Billy G - July 17, 2021

Can I Buy More?

After my minor heart attack caused by high blood pressure I knew I needed to do something. Saw this and said why not, especially because of the guarantee. It’s good now. Please don’t stop making BPS-5 and can you let me know if you run any sales please? I’d like to stock up on a year's worth. Thank you.

Mark J - July 16, 2021

I Take It Everyday

I really love this for my blood pressure. I take it everyday with my morning tea and then I take my reading. It’s consistently 10-15 points lower with this. I’ll never stop and maybe soon I can come off my medication.

Lynette V - July 15, 2021

Not Working

I’m not seeing much. I don’t have the time. I already take a bunch of stuff in the morning. Glad I only ordered 1 bottle.

Gerry Q - July 11, 2021

Seems To Be Helping

I purchased this for my husband through a video and so far so good! He hates exercise so we need to do everything we can for his hypertension, the doctor said. He’s 71. Will purchase more when he runs out.

Mary L - July 1, 2021

I Noticed My Blood Pressure Decreased

I took this once per day and didn’t notice anything. I contacted customer support and they recommended I take 3 instead of 2 capsules like it says on the bottle. Immediately, I noticed my high blood pressure decreased.

Patsy B - June 24, 2021

I Love The Changes

Is there a subscription available? I really like what it’s doing for my pressure and circulation. And would like a 1 bottle per month autoship option

Jane D - June 10, 2021

I’ve Seen a Slight Improvement

I bought this because of my doctor. He had a patient who took BPS-5 so he recommended it. I purchased the 3 bottle option. It’s only been a few days and I’ve seen a slight improvement. Will wait and see.

Anthony J - June 8, 2021


Get this - I went to my doctor and told him about BPS-5 and how it’s helping to lower my blood pressure and you know what he said? Too stop taking it. Why? Because he “doesn’t know the ingredients and can’t prescribe it to me.” Can you believe that crap? Wow - BIG PHARMA is at it again. I’ll never stop taking BPS-5 for my blood pressure. It works. In fact, I need to order more.

Dennise C - June 8, 2021

You Need To Be Consistent With It

I have been taking this for a week now and saw some results but with my busy schedule I don't take it consistently. It is too time consuming for me to take these capsules in the morning. I am too busy with the grandkids. I know I should but that's why I am leaving this 3 star review.

Roseann C - June 5, 2021

Im Hoping These Work

I literally hate what my doctor has me on to control my hypertension. I also have diabetes. I’m hoping these work. I’ve seen the reviews so I have high hopes.

Janet T - June 2, 2021

Great Customer Service

You guys are wonderful. Had a problem with my order and you got back to me right away and took care of it all. Thank you :)

Buzz T - May 22, 2021



Janet T - May 14, 2021

Great Customer Service

Great Customer Service

Dianne D - May 7, 2021

Not helping

I bought this product after reading the reviews of so many people, but it didn’t work and not as described.

Nicole H - May 2, 2021

It’s Helped A Bit

I’ve used this product here and there so not the most consistent and why my review isn’t 100% yet. But nonetheless, it has helped take care of my blood pressure when I DO use it. So the longer I use it, the more I’m sure I’ll see a better result. Stay consistent if you want the best out of it.

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