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Discover The Simple Method To Help The Body Support Healthier Skin And Toenails...

Not many know this but toenail fungus is an issue for at least 20 million people in this country.

It can fester, grow and spread just like the common cold. However, the common cold is quick to go away.

Unlike toenail fungus which seems to grow stronger with time because usually the problem is not being dealt with correctly.

Most toenail fungus begins from the inside. And the only way to fight back is with ingredients shown to help support a healthy immune system.

That’s why we’ve gone ahead and selected these 6 compounds below that could help take care of this problem from the inside out.

The first is called Oregano Leaf Extract. Also known as nature’s antibiotic because it contains both carvacrol and thymol, two antibacterial and antifungal compounds that attack fungus at the source.

Next is Basil Leaf, a powerful antimicrobial and a great anti-fungal fighter we discovered in the literature.

And finally Green Tea Extract. Another powerful antifungal with properties shown to help eradicate the fungus out of your body. Especially toenail fungus.

But we’re not done.

We also added Garlic Bulb Extract, a proven immunity booster that influences the release of important infection fighting compounds. And has been used for thousands of years to treat fungal infections internally.

Next on the list was Lemongrass.

Lemongrass has been shown to increase the production of immune boosting white blood cells and fortifies the immune response to clear out excess fungal matter circulating in your body.

And finally we added another equally powerful immune booster…

Olive Leaf Extract.

Clinical studies have shown that olive leaf extract supports healthy immunity by activating different immune system pathways.

In fact, the latest search suggests that olive leaf extract has the ability to enter the cells of your body and block entry of certain viruses.

Altogether these six powerful natural ingredients work fast to eradicate fungus and bolster your immune system.

That’s Why We’re Proud To Introduce:


The first and only formula designed with 6 fungus flushing ingredients proven to slow down the spread in your body, clean out the infection surrounding your feet and toes, while fortifying your immune system from future attacks.

FungalGon is the only formula filled with ingredients backed by scientific research plus real-world results that guarantees to sweep away this fungus without nasty side effects. All thanks to the high-tech extraction process we use to certify it’s safety, purity and potency. Giving you the peace of mind your body is being taken care of inside and out.

And you can rest easy knowing everything is manufactured here in the United States inside a FDA approved and GMP certified facility. Following the highest standards to ensure every bottle is free of impurities, toxins, and metals while being GMO-friendly.

Frankly, sourcing both the exact quality and quantity of these proven ingredients necessary to make each batch of FungalGon, is a lot harder than it seems.

And why we’re only able to produce FungalGon in small batches.

We have to do it that way in order to ensure that each production run meets our rigorous quality control standards and that each batch works exactly the way it was intended.

You see, we want you to stay protected from the onslaught of fungal spores entering your body each minute over the coming months while eliminating the infection.

Which is why I’ve added a special option below.

When you invest in six bottles of FungalGon you’ll pay only $49 per bottle.

That’s a savings of almost 70%! But you have to act fast. Inventory is limited.

And we’ll have to delete these special package options once we run out.

When that happens, previous customers are given priority on all reorders.

Which means you may have to wait until we restock, which could take upwards of a full month or more.

That’s Why We Highly Recommend You Take The Six Bottle Option Below For Savings, Peace Of Mind And Guaranteed Success...

Remember, this is an investment.

You’re investing in not only your future health today, but your mental health and well being along with the relationship with those you love most.

You see, one bottle of FungalGon eradicates toxic fungus buildup that manifests into brittle unhealthy nails, irritated skin and a sickly complexion.

Three bottles take it even further by addressing the root cause of fungus buildup both internally and externally.

Protecting you for 3 months against airborne fungus particles that are assaulting your body every single day.

And SIX bottles of FungalGon gives you a full, six months of total body protection.

Your immune system will strengthen as your body takes its antifungal protection to a whole new level.

Turning you into an impenetrable fortress against future fungal attacks.

For a full six months, fungal assaults are easily stopped dead in their tracks as both your confidence and your peace of mind go through the roof.

You deserve this.

We Recommend The 6-Bottle Option Below For The Best Savings And Healthier Long-Term Results With FungalGon

(make your choice below or whichever package works best for you)

1 Bottle

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6 Bottles

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some people notice relief in what seems like a snap of the finger. While for others, it might take a bit more time based on their symptoms. That’s why we’ve opened the door for you to purchase 180 days worth so you can enjoy huge savings while guaranteeing relief. We’ve never done this before and won’t be able to for much longer. So please make your choice below. Remember, your purchase today is also protected by a money-back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose.

Based on the studies and real-world evidence, our most successful customers use the formula for at least 180 days. This ensures your biology can make the necessary adaptations so you get the relief you deserve. Most of our customers purchase the 180-day bundles for these best results below. While saving plenty of money on top of everything else. However, we’ve also given you the option to purchase 90 or 30 days worth as well. Regardless which option you choose, you will see improvements.

The ingredient profile inside FungalGonis verified to be safe for consumption. Everything is 100% natural, GMO-free, and void of toxins, metals and harmful particulates while being formulated here in the United States. These individual ingredients have stood the test of time for a reason. Because they work. While shown by numerous publications to take care of the fungus problem inside and outside your body. The formula is basically as safe as drinking a glass of water.

We do not and never will. The price would be too high. Plus, we don’t trust third party suppliers. That’s why you can only get FungalGon here and nowhere else.

Yes - everything is made here in the USA and NOT shipped over from China like other companies do.

Yes this guarantee is 100% real. You have plenty of time to use FungalGon with nothing to lose. If you’re not happy at all with your results, call or email us and let us know. Even if you’ve opened all the bottles and they’re empty. We’ll be happy to honor your refund request minus the cost of shipping the bottles back.

Overall, the 180-day bundle is the best option below because you’ll enjoy the best savings while noticing the best results. The longer you use the formula, the more relief you’ll experience.

Customer reviews

Aaron J - October 12, 2021

Seems to work well

It’s the only thing I’ve tried, but I’ve noticed my nail problem is getting better so I’d say it works.

Daniel S - October 11, 2021

No more nail fungus

Embarassing problem to have, I’ve been using this for about two months and it works great.

Amelia S - October 10, 2021

Works for tinea versicolor!

I’ve struggled with getting rid of tinea versicolor for years, mostly on my back and stomach. This supplement really helped and I saw results pretty quickly! I’ll be interested to see what happens if I stop taking it as I’m not sure I can afford it indefinitely, but it worked so well that I might have to figure it out. Five stars, this is a great quality product if you struggle with fungus issues!

Peti V - October 10, 2021

Good. Recommend it.

I recommend this product. It works for me.

Evan N - October 7, 2021

I saw results fast

I don’t always remember to take it but it still works. Saw results in about two weeks.

Kent D - October 6, 2021

Working great so far, 5 stars

My face, back and hands get really red and dry and apparently its because of fungus. Sounds gross but common. If you have this problem give this product a try. My skin has been looking and feeling so much better.

Patrick L - October 2, 2021


I think it works good! No complaints here. I’m seeing results with nail fungus.

Adam A - October 1, 2021

Works great

I have spots on my skin that are caused by a fungus and they’ve been really hard to treat. Doctor recommended using dandruff shampoo on it but that’s hard to remember and hasn’t done much. I’d say maybe three weeks after starting this supplement they started to go away.

Karen W - September 25, 2021

It’s decent

Good product, I’m happy with my results so far. Excited to see how it works long term.

Harish C - September 21, 2021

Wife bought it for me

My wife bought this for me to help with my nails, it works.

Matt R - September 19, 2021

Great, 5 stars

No complaints, it’s working as advertised

Trish R - September 14, 2021

Miracle supplement!!

I have a problem with fungus on my scalp, and it’s awful! I’ve tried a lot of supplements and topical treatments but nothing has seemed to work for more than a week or two. I’ve been taking this for just over a month now and I’m amazed by the results. I can’t see anything since my hair is in the way but the itching and burning I’ve been dealing with for years is almost completely gone. I will keep taking this for sure, and highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with fungus!

Eric B - September 11, 2021

Good but pricey

It’s good, I’ve seen changes in my nails, but it’s kind of expensive to use long term. But if it keeps working, I’ll keep buying.

Joe T - September 10, 2021

Five stars

It works very well, I give it five stars

Harry K - September 9, 2021

Worth the money

4 stars cause it’s kind of expensive, but it’s working

Frederick E - September 2, 2021


Might be a placebo effect but I noticed a difference right away! I think it was about a week after starting that I noticed my awful nail didn’t look so awful, LOL.

Jaci B - August 30, 2021

Good stuff

This is good stuff, it’s working for me

Dawson G - August 27, 2021

Made a huge difference!

I’ve been treating a toenail fungus for ages. Got it from a salon two years ago, but im immunocompromised and it’s been really hard to get rid of. I started taking this and kept using a topical treatment, and its almost gone. I’m really happy with my results.

Matt G - August 23, 2021

Its OK

It’s ok. My dermatologist suggested a supplement because I get fungal skin infections. I think it’s helping a little but I still need to use a cream also.

Calvin F - August 23, 2021

Might be helping my skin a little

I got this because I struggle with recurring nail fungus...I saw no change in my nails, but my skin started looking really good while I was taking it. Maybe a coincidence? Maybe not? Probably wouldn’t buy it again though.

Tim G - August 19, 2021

Did nothing

I didn’t notice any change after taking this, I wouldn’t buy it again.