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Male Testosterone Support*

Experience The Power Of Nature-Based Testosterone Support…

Testosterone is an important hormone for men. It can have an impact on:

✔ Body composition… * 1

✔Energy… ** 2

✔ Sexual desire… * 3

✔Strength… * 4

✔ Stamina… * 5

✔ And other factors that contribute to healthy aging… * 6 7

Here’s The Big Problem, Though…

Male testosterone levels naturally begin to decline after the age of 30. 8

And there are other factors that may contribute. Like nutrition, activity level, stress-management, and sleep quality.9 10 11 12

That means by the time many men reach 50 years old, testosterone levels aren’t what they once were. And it’s likely making a noticeable difference in more ways than one. *

But The Good News Is…

New research suggests there are nature-based ingredients that can help support male testosterone levels when paired with positive changes to one’s diet and exercise routine. *

And we combined these ingredients into our testosterone booster for men… *



Uncaged is a nature-based, male-support formula that combines exciting ingredients to help support testosterone levels at any age. *

Plus, some of the ingredients inside Uncaged have been suggested to help support male performance in more ways than one. They may also help to support blood flow, vitality, and sex drive. *

The nature-based, male-support ingredients inside Uncaged are:

Tongkat Ali: Tongkat ali has received a lot of attention in recent years as a powerfully helpful male-support herb. Studies suggest tongkat ali may help to balance male hormones, support healthy testosterone levels, and support lean muscle after turning 50.* 13 14

L-Arginine: L-arginine is an amino acid that may help support blood flow by supporting nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide is a molecule that helps to communicate with blood vessels when to expand. And in doing so, supports healthy blood flow for male performance. * 15 16

Epimedium Extract: Epimedium is a flowering herb that research suggests may help support male sexual health. * 17 18

Tribulus Terrestris: Tribulus terrestris has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Studies suggest tribulus terrestris may help support male sexual health and desire. * 19 20 21

With the help of the nature-based ingredients inside Uncaged, you can expect to support healthy male aging and performance after 50. And maintain the hormone that you’ve relied on so often over the years. *

How To Get The Best Results

To get the most out of Uncaged, we recommend you take 2 capsules with a glass of water once daily 20-30 minutes before a meal. This is a simple way to support your master male hormone. *

Make Uncaged a part of your daily routine to help support testosterone, energy, and male performance. *

90-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee…

With Golden After 50, you’re always protected by our 90-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, simply return the bottles to us (even if they’re open and empty) and you’ll get a full refund (minus the cost of shipping and handling).

We’re happy to give you an opportunity to put our formula to the test. And when you order your supply of Uncaged today, you can do so risk-free. So please, take us up on it. We can’t wait to hear how it helps.

How Much Should I order?

Each bottle of Uncaged gives you 30 servings, which will last you one month.

However, because no two people are exactly the same, results may vary when combined with a healthy, low calorie diet, consistent exercise, rest and recovery.

That’s why we recommend stocking up on the 3 or 6 bottle option today. It gives you the opportunity to test-drive Uncaged and see how it works for you.

You might notice a difference after just a couple of days. Or it may take a little bit longer to see the results you’re expecting. But remember…

You can try Uncaged risk-free…

So it doesn’t hurt to see if you’re a “fast” responder, “slower” responder, or somewhere in the middle. 90-days is likely enough time to tell if Uncaged is making a difference.

Plus, when you order more bottles, you get better savings. So there’s only benefit from stocking up on more bottles of Uncaged today.

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That’s as low as $1.63 per serving to have our high-quality, trustworthy, and effective male-support supplement at your side on a daily basis. *

We Recommend The 6-Bottle Option Below For The Best Savings And Healthier Long-Term Results With Uncaged

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Frequently Asked Questions

Uncaged is a nature-based, male-support supplement that helps to provide testosterone support to men 50+. It may also help to support energy, vitality, and other aspects of male performance. *

For the best results, take one serving (2 capsules) of Uncaged once daily with a glass of water 20-30 minutes before your first meal of the day.

One bottle will last 30 days. That’s a very small window of time to begin experiencing benefits. That’s why we recommend the 3 or 6 bottle option. Plus, the more bottles you buy today, the more you save.

Uncaged is not for use by persons under 18 years old, or by pregnant or nursing mothers. Consult a healthcare professional prior to use if you are taking any medications or have any medical conditions or if you are using any prescription or over the counter medication.
Do not exceed recommended serving size. Use only as directed. Do not use it if the safety seal on this package has been broken. Store in a cool, dry place.

When you purchase Uncaged today, you’re protected with our 90-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not happy with your results, feel free to email or call our customer support center located here in the U.S. and we’ll be happy to grant you a full refund, minus the cost of shipping and handling and the cost to ship the bottles back. After we receive the bottles, you’ll receive your refund.

Yes, everything inside is based on nature, and is gluten and GMO-free.

Yes. Uncaged is routinely tested for purity, potency and safety.

We will ship your bottles of Uncaged within 24-48 hours after you order.
North American customers can expect their orders to arrive within 3-7 business days.
With everything going on in the world, International customers can expect their order to arrive in 10-14 business days.