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Win a FREE Bottle of BPS-5 and a $50 Amazon gift card!

Here is how to enter:

Step 1

Click the link below and record a video with your smartphone telling us how much you’re loving BPS-5 and what it has done to help you!


(once you click the link you will be prompted with the next steps to record your video testimonial)

Step 2

That’s it! If your video is selected, you will win a FREE Bottle BPS-5 PLUS a $50 Amazon gift card!

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Below Are Some Examples of Happy Customers!

Here Are Some Tips of How to Record Yourself:

Selfie-style video from phone.

Hold the phone vertical, not horizontal.

Optimal height of camera angle – eye level.

Have your Bottle of BPS-5 in your hand

Frame size - try to make sure the upper part of your body is in the frame. It is nice to see hands and not only a face.

If possible use a stand or something to keep the camera steady.